Mindless Behaviour
Roc Royal Outfit…

Roc asks you to come over for the day. It is November so you choose this as your outfit: (The Dianna Agron picture is the hairstyle)… 

You end up having a lovely time with him, eating cookies and a lot of kissing…

Ray Ray Imagine…

#Imagine you have been best friends with Ray Ray for ages! There a rumours he has a thing for you but you don’t believe them. One day, he invites you over to hang. Of course you say yes, knowing it will be a great day. When you arrive you see Princeton watching TV. 

"Where’s Ray?" you ask him. 

"Upstairs, he has a little something for you." He replies with a smirk on his face. 

Confused you went upstairs but hide behind the door when you see Ray talking to himself in the mirror with a rose in his hand.

"Come on Ray, you’ve got to tell Y/N someday!" He whispers.

"Tell me what?" you say grinning.

 Embarrassed, he looks at the ground blushing but gives you the rose. You chuckle and kiss him on the cheek. He looks up at you astounded knowing this was the start of a beautiful relationship…

Preference#3 [Request] What he’s like before he leaves to go on tour…

Prodigy: He’s more upset than you are! Of course you are upset and can’t bear to see him go but at least you know you’ll see him soon after. Whenever you hug him he starts getting emotional but tries to hide it. The other MB boys don’t make fun of him because they know how much you mean to him. 

Princeton: He keeps saying to you “I don’t want to leave you” but he has no other choice so for the last couple of days before they leave you hang out with him. You go different places and take lots of pictures of you both to remind yourselves that you both love each other so much.

Ray Ray: He starts to jokily take advantage of you and complain about how he will miss you cooking his favourite foods. You get a bit tired of cooking so you refuse. He feels bad knowing that you are going through a rough time so for a treat he takes you to your favourite restaurant then you walk along a beach looking at the stars. 

Roc Royal: He gives you one of his favourite hats so you won’t forget him. You give him one of your favourite shirts but you feels it’s not enough. One evening, you can’t help but tear up. He hugs you close knowing that he’ll miss you. “One sec, I’ve got an idea” he says with a smile on his face. “What?” you reply. He takes your phone from you and starts looking through your pictures ,which are mostly of you two together. He gives it back to you smiling, you look at the background to see that he has change it to a picture of you hugging. 

Princeton Imagine…

#imagine coming home from meeting your friends. You have been dating Princeton for a couple of months and was excited to see him. When you get through the door you see him holding the most adorable puppy in his hands, he says “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can we keep him Y/N! Look at him!” You laugh uncertain but say yes to make your boyfriend happy. He screams “YESSS! Thank you baby!” kisses you, then makes the puppy wave his paw at you. 

Preference#2: He watches you dancing but you don’t know he’s there…

Prodigy: *Smiles to himself* My babe can really dance! He watches you starstruck but only to be interrupted by Ray Ray moaning about food. 

Princeton: He is tempted to join in but knows you’ll only be embarrassed if he did. He copies your moves but adds a few grinds here and there. When you finish he grins and whispers to himself; ‘that’s my girl’.

Ray Ray: He hides behind the door ducking whenever you face the door. ‘She really can move’ he whispers watching your every move. “Come on Ray we gotta go!” Princeton shouts. “Kay, I’m coming!” he shouts but ends up watching you for another 5 mins. 

Roc Royal: He knew you could dance but wanted to surprise you. When you were at your Dance School he visits but decides not to reveal himself. He stands outside the door watching you breathless. “Dammm she can move” he said licking his lips. 



Prodigy Imagine…

#Imagine. You loved Prod’s dancing. When you watched rehearsals the only thing you could do was stare at your boyfriend. He knew you watched him so every now and again he would glance at you and give you a quick wink. This melted your heart. 

Afterwards, he invited you back round to his where you cuddle and watch TV. Out of the blue, Mindless Behaviour come on showing a funny clip of him dancing. Although he was messing around, he still looked amazing. You giggled and looked up at him, he had his face in his palms smiling. 

"Your an amazing dancer, you’re so talented" you say to him with a sigh. He looks at you and tighten his arm around your waist. 

"I can teach you" he said. He then pulled you up so you were standing, looking into his eyes. He placed his arms around your waist and pressed your bodies together. You rested your head on his shoulder trying hard not to cry. (emotionally). You can’t help but let a tear slide down your face on to his skin. Pulling your face close to his, he says:

"What’s wrong baby girl?" 

"Nothing" you reply while smiling shyly. 

"I love you" he says looking into your eyes.

"I love you too" and with that he pulls you in for a long romantic kiss. 

Princeton Imagine…

#imagine you have been dating Princeton for a couple of months and is already in love with him. ‘Was he in love with you?’ you thought to yourself. It was early in the morning when you get woken up by a text from him. ‘Morning beautiful, watch channel 4 at 8, love you xxx’. You check the time. 7:59, you clock read. Without hesitation you leaped out of bed and turned the tv on. There on the screen was Mindless Behaviour. You sat down and laughed at their interviews. When it came to Princeton’s you leaned forward clinging on to every word he said. 

"So Princeton we hear you have a lovely lady at the moment?" the interviewer asked.

"I do," he replied instantly, "she is my everything, my good luck charm, the smile that cheers me up and I don’t know what I’d do without her." You start tearing up until the interviewer asks another question: 

"So she’s got a nice butt right?" Princeton looks at him for a second then chuckles:

"yes very nice…"

Ray Ray Imagine…

#Imagine you have been asked to be a backstage dancer for Mindless Behaviour. You are super excited and have been told to go to a studio near where you live. You follow the directions to the certain room you had to go to. When you arrive, Mindless Behaviour are already in their talking to the other dancers. You notice Ray Ray first but he is already talking to a attractive girl. You give him a dazzling smile and you can tell he’s nervous because he starts fiddling with his hat, ignoring the girl talking to him and staring at you lovestruck. 

Preference#1: You go into a photo booth together…

Prodigy: You are in a mall looking for somewhere to sit down when he spots a photo booth. “Come on babe, you know you want to!” He laughs. “No I look horrible today!” you reply quickly. And before you know it you’re already inside sitting on his lap. Most of the pictures of you are cute; laughing, kissing and smiling. The last one was a lovely one of you both looking into each others eyes. He smiles when he see’s the pictures and says “I’ll always treasure these” whilst giving you a quick peck on the cheek. 

Princeton: You waiting patiently while Prince is fixing his hair in a shop window. You see a woman looking at him in an odd way so you tell him to hurry up. You laugh when he pouts at you like a puppy. “I have to look good baby” he says with a wink. “You already do stupid” you reply teasing him. He gives you a tiny punch but then becomes distracted. “What’s wrong?” you say worried. “Nothing but can you do a favour for me?” “Sure” you reply. He slips his hands on to your eyes and guides you forwards. Next thing you know, you are sitting in a photo booth with a very happy Princeton beaming at you. You stick your tongue out at him as soon as camera flashes. He laughs and you spend the next half an hour taking funny pictures together. 

 Ray Ray: “PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!” He whines while looking at you with cute puppy eyes. “But Ray Ray we’ve got to go to rehearsals, we’ll be late!” you say reminding him. “I don’t care! I want some pictures of us” he shouts while sprinting to the booth. You laugh and follow him. “Only a few” you say fiddling with your hair. “No promises” Ray Ray replies. You end up taking more than a few, most of them of Ray Ray pulling faces and you tearing up with laughter. 

Roc Royal: Roc is a romantic there is no denying it. When treating you to a shopping spree, he see’s another couple coming out of a photo booth grinning. “That looks romantic” he says. You follow his eyes and see the booth. “Come on then” you say giggling. He looks you in the eye and smirks. “Race you!” you shout already running. You beat him of course. You get cosy inside the booth, sitting on his lap. “Close your eyes” he says. You do so and he kisses you passionately as soon as the camera flashes.